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Klima-, Finanz-, oder institutionelles Risiko?

Im folgenden Artikel beschreibt der Autor, ein Wirtschaftswissenschaftler an der Hoover Institution der Stanford University, warum die Übernahme von “Klimarisiken” für eine Zentralbank per se ein inakzeptables Risiko darstellen würde, und zwar auch ohne zu fragen, ob diese Risiken Read more

Stupidly modelized carbon price

A recent study was published in the prestigious Nature Climate Change on determining the level at which carbon should be priced on the mid-term to achieve zero net emissions by a given later date. It is presented as a pragmatic alternative to the complex evaluation of the social cost of carbon. This is one more example of wicked “science”. Read more

Carbon goes away

When the World coughs and stops working, less energy is consumed, and less riches are produced. Along with this sudden event, less carbon is emitted to the atmosphere, a logical consequence albeit a disturbing one for climatic bureaucrats. Why? Because their abstruse allocation certificate systems no longer work, if it ever could.

Read more

Carbon business

One of the policies to reduce the impact of carbon dioxide on the climate is for states to auction a limited quantity of emission allowances each year and let an open market determine their value. Thanks to this policy, Read more

Performance of climate model projections

A recently published article by Zeke Hausfather et al. concludes that models have been so far quite skilful at projecting future global warming. However, this certificate of satisfaction must be put into perspective because it maintains that climate sensitivity Read more