Scapegoat CO2

Scapegoat CO2

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A Plea for a vital gas

Dr. Markus O. Häring has shown that while carbon dioxide has the greenhouse effect attributed to it, it is first and foremost an indispensable component for all life on Earth. At the moment this vital gas was designated a “pollutant”, respectable scientific debate on the CO2 question was effectively abandoned. On the basis of this false pretext, measures have been justified that lead to other environmental burdens instead of well thought-out solutions. This book points the way back to a prudent, reasoned environmental policy, without doomsday scenarios and without the sorts of medieval-style indulgences that only serve to satisfy particular interests.

“The most complete and balanced book I have seen on the CO2 debate. Easy to read. Great job!”

(Harry Hendrickx, Economist, The Netherlands)

About the Author

Dr. Markus O. Häring knows the energy scene from the ground up. After completing his doctorate in Earth Sciences at the University of Basel, he worked for eleven years as an exploration geologist on four continents. With his own company, he was committed to the development of sustainable resources long before the term ‘energy system transformation’ had even been coined. In Basel, he developed a highly-regarded geothermal project which had to be discontinued due to noticeable seismic tremors, but which represented an invaluable advance in the research in this field. Whether for the protection of groundwater systems, the assessment of the environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing, the planning of investigation concepts for CO2 disposal, or for quality monitoring in the exploration of deep geological repositories of radioactive waste, Markus Häring’s expertise on subsurface resources is regularly in demand from national and international governmental agencies. He is a member of the Swiss Federal Geological Commission and is a founding member of the Carnot-Cournot-Network, an association of independent experts in economics, physics, engineering and natural sciences providing policy advice on energy issues. Markus Häring is married and has three grown daughters.