Neu bei CATO: Encyclopedia of Libertarianism


The authoritative resource on the people, ideas, and policies of libertarianism.



While libertarian ideas have become a significant and increasingly recognized force in political, academic and economic life, there has rarely been a clear and effective way available to view all of these ideas together – their history, components, connections, and impact.

Ever wish there was a Wikipedia for libertarianism? Well, now there is. 

The Encyclopedia of Libertarianism is now freely available online at, a project of the Cato Institute. The Encyclopedia tightly weaves all of libertarianism’s diverse strands together into one comprehensive work and provides hundreds of succinct, originally written articles by some of the most widely recognized experts in the field. In one searchable place, the Encyclopedia provides a commanding, point-by-point understanding of libertarianism and its history by illuminating a vast range of economic, social, political, philosophical, cultural, individual, legal, historical, and psychological subjects through a libertarian of view.

Libertarian scholars continue to make substantial contributions to fields as diverse as philosophy, law, economics, political theory and history. The Encyclopedia provides an extensive, originally written history of libertarianism’s advancements in these fields, and contains many entries directly pertaining to libertarian leaders, thinkers, and libertarian-directed initiatives.

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